Feel free, together.

iTracker brings your family closer with smart features designed to protect and connect the people who matter most.

Guarding your peace of mind

iTracker is simple to use and a snap to set up. We’ve thought of everything so you can focus on the good stuff.

How it works?

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    Download the iTracker

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    Create your private, invite-only family Circle.

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    Add your family’s most Visited Places

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    Rest easy. Your loved ones are protected on the go, on the road, and beyond.

Main Features

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Location Sharing

See your family's real-time whereabouts easily throughout the day.

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Place Alerts

Get notified as loved ones come and go from your most frequented spots.

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One-Tap Directions

Navigate directly to any Circle member by tapping on their photo — no address needed.

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Stay Save

Safety is our main goal. Our application always keeps your data private

Easy to use

The real-time

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Full history of

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Receive timely

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Ask for help
in one tap

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About us

A must have for every family!
My family loves this app. A few of the reasons we love this app : we can check on my elderly in-laws who make a long commute and go through an hour of no service several times a week. Before we go to bed at night we get to see if they are not home.

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